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Welcome to MS Agency

MS-Agency is one of the most reliable and leading information technology companies founded in 2022. This company, led by two prominent entrepreneurs and executives, Mikaeil Salmanpour and Shayan Rezaei, operates in various technology areas and is considered one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

MS-Agency focuses on continuous research and development and provides world-class services and products in areas such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cybersecurity and IT infrastructure and is considered a successful example of technology companies in recent decades.

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Our services as a website IT company include a range of professional services that help us improve and optimize your website. These services include website design and development in accordance with modern standards, website speed and performance optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), content management and regular updates, increasing security and protecting your website from security threats and intrusions, and providing support services. and careful maintenance to ensure optimal and stable performance of your website. Our goal is to increase reach, improve user experience and increase traffic and conversions for your website.

Web developer

Website design and development, SEO optimization, responsive and mobile format, online shop, advice and support. Contact us to transform your website into a beautiful and efficient exhibition.

Responsive design

“A responsive site template adapts the website to the size of the user’s device and improves the user experience.”

Creative design

“Designing web templates is fundamental to a great user experience. A beautiful and responsive template attracts users and improves SEO.”


“Project support is the key to the success and progress of projects. This includes managing issues and updates to maintain optimal performance.”

Web idea

“Web design based on beautiful, user-friendly and responsive ideas can differentiate your website and create a better user experience.”

Graphic design

“Graphic design is an art that uses images and visual elements to attract attention and convey ideas. This art plays an essential role in creating brand identity, advertising and user experience.”


Our portfolio of work in web design and development, improving SEO and website optimization, and developing security solutions has helped clients and enriched their experience in the online world.

Your idea

describe what kind of website you would like to have for your entrepreneurs.